Lengthwise Coil- and Slit Strip Strapping at the Turnstile

with integrated Downholder

Lengthwise coil- and slit strip strapping with integrated downholder

The lengthwise coil- and slit strip strapping station with integrated downholder, offered by Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH, is installed at one turnstile position of turnstiles of slitting lines, movable on rails.
Usually it is installed at turnstiles, which already are equipped with a downholder.

As in the market there are a lot of different downholders, depending from producer to producer, and they do not all fit to the lengthwise strapping machine without modifications, the downholders either will be modified suitable to the lengthwise strapping machine, or completely or partly exchanged against new downholders. This procedure will be decided within the single projects.

After all slit strips on one arm of a turnstile will have been lengthwise strapped, the strapping station will be moved outside of the turning circle of the turnstile into a resting position. As soon as the slitting line will have filled the next arm of the turnstile, the turnstile will be turned to the next position and then a new arm with slitted strips will be hanging in front of the lenthwise strapping station.
Now the lengthwise strapping station will be moved forward to the first slit strip and the slit strip will be strapped. During this process the slit strip will be guided by swivable strip channels.
After having strapped the slit strip the strap channel will be opened and the strapping machine will be moved forward to the next slit strip. 

After having lengthwise strapped all slit strips on the turnstile arm, the lengthwise strapping machine will be moved back to the start position outside of the turning circle of the turnstile.
Then the turnstile, depending on availability of the slitting line, can be moved again by one position.
The lengthwise strapped coils or slit strips then will be taken off from the turnstile arm, usually in 90° position behind the coil- and slit strip strapping station. 

The lengthwise strapping station also can be upgraded by a suitable transfer systems, in order to be able to serve several turnstiles.

In case of any question regarding the lengthwise Coil- and Slit Strip Strapping System with integrated Downholder, described above, please do contact us. We will be prepared to answer your questions.

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