model: 2M2B 200
Presskraft in kN: 2.000 kN
Presskraft in to: 200 to
Hubzahl: 35-70 Hübe / Minute
model: 2M2B 250
Presskraft in kN: 2.500 kN
Presskraft in to: 250 to
Hubzahl: 35-70 Hübe / Minute
model: 2M2B 300
Presskraft in kN: 3.000 kN
Presskraft in to: 300 to
Hubzahl: 35-60 Hübe / Minute
model: 2M2B 400
Presskraft in kN: 4.000 kN
Presskraft in to: 400 to
Hubzahl: 25-50 Hübe / Minute
model: 2M2B 500
Presskraft in kN: 5.000 kN
Presskraft in to: 500 to
Hubzahl: xx-xx Hübe / Minute
model: 2M2B 1.000
Presskraft in kN: 10.000 kN
Presskraft in to: 1.000 to
Hubzahl: xx-xx Hübe / Minute

Double Sided Presses Series 2M2B

with single / double Intermediate Control, Link Drive


The different series of OMET Double Sided Presses can be used universally for stamping-, punching- and forming tasks.

They can be used as presses for manually feeded working as well as for fully automated feeding. Basing on the standard versions customer-specific versions also are possible to be made.

The series 2M2B comprehends presses with a press force of 200 up to 1.000 tons basing on the main technical data indicated below:


  • stable double sided frame as a welded steel construction
  • 8-fold ram guidance
  • ram adjustment
  • Safety equipment as per newest prescriptions
  • also available as Link-Drive-Version

Regarding details of configuration of the single models please take a look onto the listed models, shown at the right side of this page.

Please let us have your requirement regarding double sided presses. We will provide you with an interesting offer. In case of any open question please contact us by phone or email at our contact data indicated below. We will be prepared to answer your questions.

Tel.: 0049 2156 419193
Fax: 0049 2156 4979325


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